Want to work at Lovelight?

We're always on the hunt for the best in the business!

Why work at Lovelight?

People who work at Lovelight are Lovelifers, and first and foremost Lovelifers live and breathe the company values. 

Be a Mensch

If it's not the right thing to do, we don't do it. We are honest, transparent and reliable and we protect our reputation because it's the only one we've got.

Lovelifers Get S**t Done

We do work, not jobs. Lovelifers go where they're needed and take pride in everything they do, even sweeping the leaves. 

We Can Solve It

We are persistent, driven problem solvers. We reject the status quo as a good reason to do anything - we want to do it better. 

Have Fun

It's not a job, it's our (love) life. When it get's real, we keep things in perspective - they're just blinds.


We hunt. We push. We chase. Set us a goal and we're relentless. C'mon!

Perks & Benefits

Family Focus

We know that happiness starts at home, and we put our families first. 

Internal Promotion

We love promoting people from within, so there are always opportunities for you to go further. 

Learning & Development

We want you to be the best you can be, so get ready for plenty of informative sessions to enhance both your work and personal life. 

Charity Work

We love giving back, so we do what we can to help our community. 

Current Vacancies

New vacancies coming soon!

How to Apply

Matching people and roles is important to us to make sure that everyone gets what they need. We are a strengths-based organisation, helping people to make the most of what they bring.

So tell us about yourself and your experience and we'll be in touch.

Send your CV and a short Cover Letter to work@lovelight.com.au