A Family Vibe

“Lovelight is an amazing environment to work, we’re always being encouraged to challenge ourselves, think outside the box and find that solution to an issue that someone else said wouldn’t be possible.”

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There is nothing better than walking into a work environment where you feel like you are doing purposeful work and surrounded with people who you enjoy spending time with. Creating an environment where our staff are able to bring their best selves to work is something we aim to foster at Lovelight and we feel like it’s the best way to get great work done and build a strong work culture and family environment. 

It's this reason in fact why Naomi Bartlett one of our Sales Assistants has been with us for 3 years and sought to move on from her previous role as a colour consultant. “I love the family vibe here at Lovelight, everyone is so friendly and always happy to help. I love the passion and enthusiasm that each of our staff members have and I love the variety that my job brings" says Naomi. 

A general work day has changed a lot throughout the years for Naomi as Lovelight has undergone rapid growth. The business has invested a lot of time and effort to improve the systems and processes that means that more of her time is now spent on value added activities rather than manual entry admin. 

After the standard start of the day beginning with responding to emails and entering orders and measures that have been put through overnight, Naomi begins to work through the commercial projects and tenders she’s been assigned to quote. 

These projects can range from low-density developments & High-Rise Apartment Buildings to Commercial Developments and Hotels. “I liaise closely with our Project Managers to ensure all of our projects are delivered on time. I also offer support to the Sales Team following custom consultations, and deal with developers, builders & clients directly.”

This constant dialogue with different stakeholders and aspiration to deliver a seamless experience for customers has meant that each day is new and interesting. Sales Assistants in particular are regularly consulted about how their systems and processes can be improved to make them more efficient and that constant feedback and improvement cycle is a large part of what separates Lovelight from many in the industry.

“I wanted to be a part of a passionate company that always strives to be the best, provide the best quality products and deliver premium customer service to all clientele.” says Naomi. This commitment to the customer is what is core to the values within Lovelight and tend to attract staff who exemplify the same values. 

If you are interested in a role with Lovelight, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’re always looking for great people to join our growing business. 


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