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When looking to build or renovate your own home there are many considerations you have to take into account. Often it’s very different from the thought process you’d go through when designing a home for clients as you now are the client and can be more adventurous with your design. However there are some things that don’t change if you’re a discerning professional and you have high standards. One of those questions is who can you trust for quality and service when you are looking to fit out your new home with window furnishings?

This is the question that Nina Maya from Nina Maya Interiors - who specialises in high-end residential interior designs nationally - was asking herself when she was looking to construct her very own home, and her very first new build “The Glasshouse”.


According to Nina “window furnishings are such an integral part of any build and any fitout they create such a strong impact, in terms of the fabrics and colour that they’re one of the first things I select when working out the overall material palette”.

With that in mind it was important to Nina to work with a partner that understood what she was looking for, bring her vision to life and push the boundaries of design!

“I chose Lovelight over other suppliers, (as) I’ve always respected their work that I’ve seen in other designers projects across Australia” says Nina.  

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The Project

The Glasshouse project is a stunning modern residential project with a variety of bold architectural and soft furnishing flourishes that were looking to either be accentuated or hidden.

This of course meant that the project came with some design challenges that required some innovative solutions. Nina already had in mind the colours and materials for her blinds and so it was a case of finding the right way to make those furnishings stand out.

“With the living room window furnishing, it actually becomes a key feature of the living space. I had it built on an extended track so that when I shut it gives beautiful privacy from neighbours, but when it’s open it actually sits across the wall”.

However the requirements for the bedrooms were slightly different where a timeless softer white sheer curtain was selected to go with the grey curtain fabrics to add some lighter touches.

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One of the really tricky design challenges was how to approach the lack of privacy that came from a full height frameless window in the shower for the bathroom.

How could you get privacy from the courtyard whilst providing a convenient and classy look? The solution came in the form of a recess fitted motorised outdoor metal Venetian blind.

The result of the window furnishing solutions is absolutely stunning!

When thinking about her experience of working with Lovelight, Nina was effusive in her praise. “The quality of their work is just flawless as well as the service so it’s a pleasure to deal with them. I would absolutely recommend them to any other interior designers and architects”

If you have a project you’d like to have Lovelight quote you on, please contact 1300 761 171.

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