Blood, Sweat and Sheers

We sat down for a virtual coffee with Lovelight’s co-director Ryan to discuss all things love, light, business and of course family.

Ryan, his wife Naomi and their two kids have been part of the Lovelight family since conception in 2011. Brother’s Ryan and Jase co-founded Lovelight with a vision to offer high quality, affordable window furnishings to Australian homes and commercial spaces. Since then they have worked passionately and tirelessly to build a successful window furnishings company that is, at its heart, still a family business, “I love my job, the people I work with are family (both literally and figuratively) and I take real pride in making sure this is a business that provides the best service and most innovative products in the industry.”

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Whilst running the custom division of Lovelight Ryan has found that this balance can only be achieved by starting each day earlier than expected, “I’m typically out of bed at 5am to kickstart the day with a run or workout. Jase and I work together and often train together too. So the mix of business, family and recreation starts straight away for us.”

Even from an early age, Ryan and Jase shared a unique bond. Described by their father as the “Yin and Yang,” their method of mixing fun with hard work is something that the entire Lovelight family model is based upon. “I’ll give you an example of why this is a family first,” he says passionately “last year rather than our usual Christmas celebration, we chose to give back to a cause that is close to our hearts. Our team opted to raise funds for the Royal Children's Hospital. As usual, the Lovelight team went above and beyond - raising heaps of money for this fantastic cause.”

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Essentially Lovelight is a window furnishings company but Ryan and Jase were dedicated to transforming these incredibly functional products into an offering that is both exciting and fresh. We were curious to understand how Lovelight has achieved their point of difference, “we only purchase from the highest quality suppliers and work with the best installers but it’s also more than that. I keep coming back to it, but really it does all come down to having an incredible team.  It’s their energy and passion that helps us remain top of mind. Together we have created a showroom that really demonstrates to our clients what is possible and how window furnishings are not just practical but can also be a striking feature and important design element. Then we have created a future thinking digital platform, an extensive yet immaculately curated photo library,  as well as products that consistently ensure Lovelight remains at the forefront of the window furnishing industry.”

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Ryan finished the interview by giving us a peep through his stone washed linen curtains at the end of the day, “I sleep easily knowing that even though the day might have felt chaotic, essentially we have worked hard and had fun along the way. We’ve been lucky enough to work in some of Melbourne's most prestigious homes and on some incredibly exciting projects. I know that no matter what tomorrow holds -my family and I will always take extreme pride in the finish and delivery that we have provided. I end the day happily exhausted - ready for whatever tomorrow holds. I’ll be up bright and early to let the light in and tackle whatever comes next.”

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