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“This home, in this coastal location, needed to be all about the views and connection to the garden. Everything we did was designed to maximize these aspects.” - Chris McKimm- Founder and Director at InForm Design

The Lovelight philosophy is very much in our name - we love light.  We love enhancing it, we love capturing it, we love framing it. Yes, sometimes our job is to block out the light but essentially if an architect has designed a window and not a wall then we believe they have done so in order to capture light or views or both. Never was this more obviously true than in the utterly coastal Blairgowrie house designed by InForm

This month, we went on a virtual holiday to the Mornington coast as we discussed all things coastal, light and lovely with Chris McKimm- Founder and Director at InForm Design. Chris and his team had recently completed this Blairgowrie home where they used Lovelight’s S-fold sheers to “elegantly blend and not dominate.”

Inform Montford 425F

InForm is a residential design and construction company that aims to produce superb homes for their clients in the most efficient and intelligent way possible. They focus on creating a design outcome that is unique, considered and tailored to suit their clients’ tastes and requirements. 

At Blairgowrie, Chris told us, “the coastal nature of the environment dictated the design aesthetic, with the house sitting in and blending with the natural vegetation. This was complimented by a distinctly mid century hint in both the garden and external finishes.” The main points from their client’s brief were a focus on orientation to the garden with a particular emphasis on windows, “capturing the winter sun and protecting from the summer sun.” 

Inform Montford 097F2

InForm’s dedication to this brief resulted in this sublime coastal retreat with ample space, privacy and zoning for all members of the client’s family. Chris told us that the particular stand out feature of this home is how it relates and connects to the garden, “particularly at night when the garden lights are on.”

Lovelight’s window furnishings played a key role in maximising the views and outdoor connection. Our team collaborated on nominating curtain tracks that extended beyond the glass frames so that the curtains could be opened beyond the windows, thus allowing completely uninterrupted views. The team also specified our S-Fold products because they “like the elegance of the sheer curtains, some with and others without backing.”

Inform Montford 467F   Inform Montford 654F

Our team loved being part of this project, even just for the opportunity to take a drive down the coast for measure and install. And now, just looking through the images of InForm’s creations we feel like we can smell the coastal air and feel our senses begin to relax. When Chris told us that he is seeing a real shift towards practicality and functionality, we knew that with a suite of window furnishing products that do both on the highest level, we’ll be working with them again very soon.

Images: James Geer

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