Cottage Luxury

‘Charm’ is the word you’ll instantly find on the tip of your tongue as you make your way up the unpaved road that meets the veranda of Lavender Blue Cottage, a picture of peaceful, pastoral living on the Mornington Peninsula and one of Lovelight’s most recent projects.


Lavender Blue Cottage, nestled amongst the native flora of the Mornington Peninsula.

From the outdoor deck, you’re treated to postcard views of 2.5 acres’ worth of native flora coming to bloom beneath the blue skies of the Victorian hinterland. Sitting just beyond is the lush, green expanse of the Mornington Peninsula, its rolling hills sown with Moonahs, White Sallees, and brightly coloured groundcovers.


The sublime view from the veranda.

Stepping inside the Lavender Blue Cottage, you’ll be struck by the charm of its cosy two-bedroom layout, the tasteful white tiling of the kitchen and bathroom, with the latter boasting a fabulously inviting free-standing bath tub, and the way the white plays off the rich dark timber flooring.




Quiet pastoral living meets elegant luxury. Lounge Room features Pencil Pleat Curtain in Blockout Fabric

But this idyllic escape from city life is as luxe as it is quaint. You’ll escape the bustle and the maddening crowds of city life but you won’t miss any of its comforts or amenities. Lavender Blue is a wholly post-modern approach to country living. You could call it ‘cottage luxury’—a juxtaposition of quiet, pastoral living with elegant, 21st Century luxury.

A short drive through the valley will have you choosing from a selection of fine dining options to enjoy or wineries to explore, whilst owner and interior designer Gemma-Ashley Kaplan weaved an unmistakable air of intimacy and snug homey-ness throughout the cottage.



Far from the bustle of the city, surrounded by all of its comforts.
(Bathroom features Woodbury Shutter in Silk White colour / Bedroom features Pencil Pleat curtain in Ashley Wild Blockout Fabric)

And with the help of white pencil pleat curtains which elegantly adorn the windows, the cottage bedrooms can instantly be transformed from a quiet place to read a book, to the ideal vantage point for the spectacular view, to the perfect place to lay down and rest.

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