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A single, block-out Roman blind in Mokum’s Eternal – Silver Birch fabric complete’s an effortless look in this lounge room space. It is also an excellent solution for movie watching, creating optimal light block-out. Image: Rachel Winton.


Working with Little Liberty’s founding interior designer, Nicole Rosenberg is, in the true sense of the studio name, a privilege. Recently, we helped Nicole to transform a modern family home into a spacious, light-filled retreat.

Lovelight Design consultant, Benita Evans takes us through the brief, what it’s like to work alongside an impassioned designer, and how to create a seemingly effortless outcome.


The brief

Nicole from Little Liberty and I have a great working dynamic, where we tend to diagnose the best window covering solution for any room in agreement.

First, we consider the use of the room, the orientation of the windows and how much sun each window will receive. Then, of course, we explore the styling requirements of the scheme.

This home certainly lends itself to Roman blinds as a truly functional window furnishing, with optimal block-out capacity and simple height adjustment. Visually, Romans offer an elegant feel to space, and the gorgeous soft pastel tones harmonise with Little Liberty’s palette.

Little Liberty High Res Image 3

Single Roman blinds in Mokum’s Eternal – Oyster fabric prove to be a perfect solution for this attic-style bedroom, keeping it minimal and light-filled by day, and blocked-out by night. Image: Rachel Winton.

The challenge

Little Liberty had a very clear vision from the start and all we really had to do was facilitate that!

One tricky window in the middle of the three windows in the girl’s bedroom, called for recess fitted Roman blinds which is quite unconventional.

Little Liberty High Res Image 6 

Light spills in by day, illuminating Little Liberty’s hand-picked interior elements. Featured are single Roman blinds in Mokum’s Eternal – Oyster fabric. Image: Rachel Winton.

The Approach

Lovelight have a vast knowledge pool to draw upon with a glut of experienced staff, so if the answer to any challenge isn’t immediately apparent on site, we can call upon that knowledge base back in the office with our internal ‘Oracle’ system. This often generates a range of solutions and suggestions I would never have thought of!

For this project, we designed the blinds to have a smaller fabric stack when they are in their uppermost position. That way, the blinds could be placed in the ideal position, and still allow plenty of light into the room.

Little Liberty High Res Image 23

The perfect balance between active and restful energies, supported by a Lovelight Roman blind in Mokum’s Eternal – Smoke fabric. Image: Rachel Winton.

Little Liberty High Res Image 24

This moody but light-filled bedroom nook invites quite reflection after all that play! It features a Lovelight Roman blind in Mokum’s Eternal – Smoke fabric. Image: Rachel Winton.

The best part

Little Liberty have an effortless style and are always a pleasure to work with. Nicole’s love of all things art, craft and style reflect in the calm and happy yet fun spaces that she creates. It’s always enjoyable to see these conceptual elements take form!

Working with Nicole

Nicole is a joy to work with. Intelligent, pragmatic, friendly and pays great consideration to both form and function. Little Liberty know exactly what they want and it serves them very well!

Little Liberty High Res Image 32

Roman blind in Mokum’s Eternal – Duck Egg fabric pairs beautifully with both natural colours and textures in other interior elements. Image: Rachel Winton

Key insight

The number one rule when engaging a designer would have to be always listen to your designer! You chose them for a reason. Their knowledge of how a space will be used, how to build visual harmony between interior elements, and how to make a client content for the long term is priceless.

If you would like to know more about how Lovelight can assist in providing a custom window furnishings solution to suit your space for years to come, please get in touch.

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