Natural Beauty

Fitting with latest interior design trends is the natural and ever elegant linen window furnishing. Originating in prehistory, this soft, lustrous and durable textile has been draped on windows and used as an adaptable space divider in the buildings of ancient Georgians and Egyptians. Revelled for its luxurious and understated aesthetic elegance, it is epitomised by softening light and providing privacy simultaneously.

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Linen, to this day, is still used for similar applications and is currently trending within the design and fashion industry. Not only do we drape linen over our windows and furniture, we are also still wearing lots of linen and natural fibre materials.

Lovelight will work with you to custom design the perfect window covering for your home; including rods, fabric and headings to create warmth to your residential or commercial space. Visit our Gallery to see more examples and Contact Us to make an appointment to discover our showroom fabrics today.

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