New Kid on the Block

We all remember our very first job when we first finished our studies and with the benefits of hindsight we can reflect just how important the role models, skills and habits we learned on our first jobs were on the rest of our career. With this in mind this month’s profile is on Brock Cannon, our fresh faced graduate who he shares with us his experience working with Lovelight over the last 6 months.

new kid on the block

“I entered this position at Lovelight with very limited window furnishings experience. After completing my degree in 2017 I was unsure what path I wanted to head down, I needed to find a position that I would be invested in, so I could provide my all for the company and was also rewarding to me as an individual.”

This was one of the main contributing factors in why Brock, a BCom grad from Deakin University, chose to come to Lovelight. There is a strong focus on personal and professional development, being a strong team player and always focusing on customer service. “Lovelight has taught me to appreciate the value in window furnishings and its consumers” says Brock.

In fact it’s now an integral part of Brock’s role at Lovelight to ensure that customers are receiving the very best customer service we can provide. Brock’s typical day begins with going through the internal systems to ensure everything is running effectively and fix any errors if they have occurred overnight, running various reports and analyse existing data to see where our business can be improved. From there he checks in with each team to discuss if there’s any changes that should be made to our systems to aid them in enhancing the consumer experience.

Working together with individual teams in the wider business has given Brock a broader perspective on the whole customer experience and build skills he may not have learned so early in his career. “The friendliness and willingness to help others in all Lovelight staff members is visibly translated into the way we approach our client base” and this data driven approach to improving systems and processes is what has lead to the exponential growth rate of the business “and everyone who is part of our ‘family’ can see this.”

At Lovelight we try to create a positive environment where everyone is set up to succeed and this is something that Brock has also picked up on and makes it an enjoyable place to work from. “The encouragement and enthusiasm which exuberates around the office creates a positive environment with people who are driven to succeed. Lovelight has also helped me identify my strengths and tailor a role around this. It’s rare to find a workplace where all individuals can work effectively with each other and yet that’s what Lovelight possesses.”

If you’re looking for a career in a fast-paced, results oriented business which rewards you well, please get in touch with Lovelight.

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