On Style Ahead

How do we make life interesting? We see what the world is up to, and where its going; in design, fashion and interior decorating, and beyond, to culture, environment and technology. We collaborate, experiment and innovate. The result culminates in a unique window furnishings offering for our clients in Australia.

Recently, creative teams from Lovelight, Caprice, Metricon, and Warwick Fabrics gathered at Lovelight's showroom in Melbourne to learn of trends forecasts for Autumn-Winter '16 and '17 seasons. After extensive research, four trend groupings were revealed: 'Natural', 'Quirky' 'Reimpose' and 'Craftsman'.

 on style ahead 1


Often with a modern lifestyle comes an increased workload and great periods of time spent indoors. More than ever, we are aware of the importance of turning to nature for relaxation and reflection on the role that the environment plays in accommodating our lives. As such, we are tuning into the use of natural and renewable materials for both the structure and interior of our homes, especially those sourced from sustainable pathways. And what better source of design inspiration than nature? We have identified a number of beautiful design qualities for the interior that mimic that of nature. These include textures such as layering, pleating, and fabrics with sheen; floral and ocean prints; and a range of soft pastel tones of magic hour.

 on style ahead 3


Have you been mesmerised by repeating geometrics, abstract detail, or a frenzy of colour? Chances are, we've all been caught head-kinked for a long moment at such sights. Our predictions for this 'quirky' trend include pairing of anything with anything, and anything with everything! Think naïve illustrations, kaleidoscopic patterns and bold contrasting colours. This trend sees no limit to how many engaging items one might place in a space. Though, one can start with statement window furnishings, and pare back the remaining interior elements for some contrast and relief…perhaps in combination with neutral options of the 'natural' trend.

 on style ahead 4


Bringing in the yesteryear – with flare. This trend draws on design elements from classic Victorian through tribal Eastern and African patterns, with strong colour palettes and modern styling. Its old, but obviously new. Addition of such elements to the interior lend to a sense of elegance and storytelling – cabinet of curiosities, anyone?

 on style ahead 5


Our final trend comes from a perpetual human need to innovate, 'craftsman'. Incorporating elements of previously mentioned trends, with a touch of pragmatism, comfort, craft and invention, this trend features patchwork, natural textures, basketweave, distressed florals and mottled effects, in tones derived from nature and the earth. Inclusion of ‘craftsman’ style window furnishings creates a true homeliness feeling to the interior. It is both restful and warm.

 on style ahead 2

Whatever your style, we hope that you will be inspired to transform your windows with knowledge of these trends. See our gallery of beautiful interiors that showcase elements of these trends, and then make an appointment to discuss your ideas and see our full range with our window furnishings experts. Step over to Caprice, Metricon and Warwick Fabrics for further contemporary interior decorating inspiration. Happy ruminating!

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