Part Of The Family

For Benita Evans, one of Lovelight’s resident sales guns, window furnishings are in her blood. “My parents had a curtains and blinds business for 30 years, so through sheer osmosis I absorbed quite a lot of industry info over the years,” she explains. In addition to a family history in providing window furnishing solutions, Benita has an interior design qualification and six years of direct industry experience.

According to the talented and passionate Lovelight Sales Consultant, she decided to bring that experience, and the knowledge absorbed from watching her parents, to Lovelight purely because of our reputation. “Lovelight have a great reputation in the industry as being really competitive and successful and I wanted in! They have proven to be every bit as deserving of this reputation and then some,” she says with a smile.

According to Benita, her day begins with a routine intake of caffeine to get her ready for an 8am start. Depending on the day, she may be working out of Lovelight’s Prahran office or onsite, overseeing one of her latest projects. “My current projects are all predominantly private residences at the moment and they range from conventional homes with lovely soft colour palettes and relaxing aesthetics to concrete and steel residences of scale, with complex motorised solutions in strong masculine finishes,” she explains.

According to Benita, “the day generally proceeds at full noise until the natural conclusion of wine!” Full noise means guiding and advising Lovelight’s diverse customer base on their window furnishing solutions to ensure the best possible outcome for every client. “We treat our clients as we wish to be treated,” she explains, “with a genuinely consultative approach to problem solving, with consideration for both the style and taste of each individual client and the setting.”

Benita’s role also bears its own unique challenges, such as communicating with Lovelight’s wholesalers to manage orders and inventory and avoid delays. But as Benita explains, she’s driven by a genuine passion for her job and inspired by the talented and ever-innovative Lovelight team. “I absolutely love fabric and colour and really enjoy my job!” she exclaims. “I’m so privileged to be able to visit people in their homes and businesses and help enhance the beauty and function of their spaces.”

She’s even managed to make some of her own contributions to Lovelight’s culture of innovation, though she says humbly, “It’s tricky to improve on something which is so slick from the get-go!” As Benita recounts, she has made additions to Lovelight’s product and fabric ranges and was the catalyst for a proposed sample lending system.

“Lovelight are constantly innovating and never stop improving,” she says. “I am genuinely impressed with my fabulously talented colleagues and their abilities. Never have I worked for such a forward-thinking business, in this or any other industry.” For Benita, this member of a window furnishings family is now also a member of ours.


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