Professional Edge

Having an edge in business is something every business owner and leader aspires to have, whether it’s an advantage in attracting key staff, the ability to close more deals or a strong reputable brand. None of this is more important than in a high end investment office where gaining and impressing sophisticated clients can make a significant impact on the bottom line. 

Built by UWood and designed by SLAB, the refurbishment of the Dysin Investment Partners offices in Melbourne is a great example of where we could offer our expertise in window furnishings to provide a solution to their designs.

Our challenge? How do you add that ‘wow’ factor to an office environment that is already so impressive, separate meeting rooms from working areas whilst being sensitive to the ‘feng shui’ of the office and maintaining the flow of movement?

Our solution? A sophisticated and graceful addition of sheer S-Fold Curtains in the Pegasus Cavalier fabrics for glass separated and open spaces on the floor plate. The complimentary colours of the Cloud and White offer a soft and subtle juxtaposition to the darkwood panels and floorboards.

Culture is important at the Dysin offices and the addition of sheer curtains into the workspace works perfectly to create a warm and inviting space for customers and workers to join collaborative and private spaces with the flexibility to also have privacy, intimacy and comfort not usually found in the work space.

It also offered the opportunity to have two very different styles for interiors to work in harmony with one another. This adds a distinct layer of character and drama as you hide and reveal surprising spaces that showcases the unique brand and personality of Dysin Investment Partners.

Many office environments are uninspiring spaces, yet we spend a lot of time in our working lives in our office. If you’re looking to make your office space inspire your workforce and impress your clients.


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