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“We like to focus on the way light is filtered into interior spaces with the subtle use of window furnishings.”   Andrew McLeod - Senior Interior Architect at Inarc

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At Lovelight we are fascinated and motivated by architecture and architects. We’re intrigued by their varied inherent design approaches. Their goal is always to capture and guide the light which, of course, converges with our passion for window furnishings that frame views, diffuse light and soften spaces.

This month we had the privilege of discussing all things light, retro and modern with Andrew McLeod, the Senior Interior Architect at Inarc, after they, together with builder Visioneer, completed a historically significant renovation and addition in North Caulfield which included lovelight’s products and input.

Inarc is an architectural and interiors practice, established in 1994, that is best known for its high level of interdisciplinary design skills across a range of projects ranging from single-residential, medium density residential all the way to commercial design. They focus on a coordinated approach to design, “delivering projects that are contemporary but with a strong human warmth.” 

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For this project, Andrew explained, they focussed on the history of the original house in order to bring about an addition that was sympathetic to the design flair of the home’s modernist architecture. “The original House was designed by, innovative and successful émigré architect, Dr Ernest Fooks in 1961. He designed in the International Modernist style of the 1950’s and 1960’s which lead the direction of this project.”  Whilst the history of the home is always important in a renovation, Inarc felt that it was particularly relevant when considering the clients’ background in fashion. This also guided the team to explore a concept that moved away from the mainstream.

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This approach culminated in a home that is both modern and classic, uniquely striking but also utterly comforting in it’s “well lived” ambiance. Including elements like the custom stone entrance flooring, which Andrew explained is “a playful reference to the original 1960's multicoloured landscape paving and was made up with individually sized slabs of 4 different marble types.”

For the window furnishings the client’s main requirement was for them to “soften the spaces as well as introduce a level of privacy to certain areas. Ease of operation was also key to their brief.” Inarc’s preference is always for a “soft, clean, minimal approach to window furnishings. We like to focus on the subtle ways in which light is filtered into interior spaces. This adds a beautiful layering of light and shadow. We also like to focus on small details, like eliminating vertical seams by ensuring that the fabric width allows for railroading, to create the cleanest possible approach.”

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Of course, these are the types of bespoke projects and definitive details that the Lovelight team relishes, and was only too happy to collaborate on in order to finetune the desired result. Which, might we add, speaks for itself in these images of the completed home.

Lastly, while we had the opportunity to pick the brain of this esteemed team, we asked Andrew what he thought would be the emerging trend in both curtains and architecture. His reply, “I think there's more of a focus on natural earth based pigments and tones in window furnishings. This natural focus promotes a beautiful warmth and texture.” We agree. Watch this space for all things warmth, texture and of course, light.

Images: Sharyn Cairns


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