Simple Elegance

When asking one of the directors of Lovelight - Ryan Lewis - what’s the first thing he thinks of when it comes to this month’s feature project he mentions “I’d love to live there!”. It’s a stunning tribute to the work of architects Architecture Caisson, builders Warwick Constructions and Landscape Designer Ben Scott Garden Design to bring a contemporary design outcome to this charming inter-war style bungalow in Brighton. 

The end result is spectacular, with the design perfectly crafted to the client’s desire to retain the heritage character of the streetscape whilst responding to their modern lifestyle requirements. Each room was  crafted to provide dedicated environments for working, open areas for entertaining and quieter rooms for retreats with the window coverings "very carefully selected to enhance the softness of the architectural language” according to Craig Barkla, Director of Architecture Casson. 

The building design utilises the spatial characteristics of the house like the high gabled roof, porches and arcades to develop a space that beautifully integrates the stunning garden setting into the living spaces. This was something the clients wanted to accentuate and it offered the opportunity to select a number of different window furnishings to maximise the potential of the design. 

Craig asserts that the “Timber shutters were incorporated in some windows to add a structured filigree to the otherwise unadorned glazed openings. In addition, they also offer the ability to control privacy, light levels and can bounce sunlight upwards into the interior.”

Installing the custom plantation shutters into the 3 metre high gabled windows in the living spaces was one of the most complex aspects of the project but since Lovelight was engaged early in the construction phase it meant that all details were attended to and ensured that the installation went smoothly.

Motorised roller blinds in the living room offer unobstructed views of the gardens through the glass facades whilst offering clean lines and great convenience” according to Ryan whilst the “translucent sheer curtains also allow large expanses of glass to have a good degree of privacy during the day and offer a lovely filter to direct sunlight,” Craig expands. In particular ‘the S Fold profile was selected for the sheer curtains to maintain the language of vertical lines that we had also expressed in the timber battened wall linings.'

In the end the design offers a high standard of durability, thermal performance and incorporates passive design principles with an interior that offers adaptability to meet the changing requirements of its occupants. These strategies offer overarching sustainability to the design with the creation of the perfect retreat in both the summer and winter. 

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