Sky High City Life

Moving into a new high rise apartment is a time filled with pure excitement and we have the privilege of working with many of the top apartment building developers to install window furnishings into their client's apartments prior to settlement.

Sky high city life comes with many advantages which appeal to typically young urban professionals where the benefits of location close to work, amenities and the simplicity of smaller living space. But omore often than not it’s the view you have which are truly the X-factor that fills owners with pride and joy. So it’s only natural that the window furnishings that are chosen for these dwellings be fit for purpose and fit the practical and aesthetic requirements of the owner. 

Using the Lighthouse project by Hengyi as an example, we need to be sensitive to the requirements set by the developer where we match the colour pallete to the aesthetic of the building whilst also giving owners the choice of a few options for window furnishings.

Roller blinds are by far the most popular choice as they are affordable, space saving and optimise for clear uninterrupted views which are just some of the requirements of modern day apartment living. According to Pia Campbell one of our amazing Commercial Operations team members "Blinds offer a terrific solution for apartments windows with many colour and fabric options to achieve uninterrupted views whilst maintaining privacy”. 

We offer a number of options which consist of hight quality sheer or blockout fabrics in different combination for single or dual roller blinds which are there to accomodate for the privacy requirements of each individual room. For instance we will always offer blockout for bedrooms and bathrooms but there is flexibility to also add sheers to add another dimension to the rooms depending on the needs of the space. 

There's nothing better than waking up in the morning and being greeted by these stunning views of the city and sunrises. Of course with Single Blockout Roller Blinds like the Kew – Orca Fabric, you can also choose to sleep in if you prefer!⁠


If you're looking for a reliable partner for window furnishings for your next project, don't look any further than Lovelight. 

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