Southbank Apartment

Having received a commendation in the most recent Australian Interior Design Awards, one could be forgiven for assuming John Wardle Architects’ Freshwater Place Apartment project is some elaborate and obscure exhibit of avant-garde design.

However, what you see is in fact an apartment that, whilst thoroughly modern and unquestionably sophisticated, has a welcoming and familiar atmosphere and is all about balancing family areas with more private, intimate rooms.

As JWA, one of Melbourne’s most lauded architecture and design studios and a proud Lovelight partner, explain: “Spaces for family engagement must be balanced with others for retreat.” The result is a city-front apartment that’s open and inviting, but where intimacy is always a drag or push away.

Just look at the floor-to-ceiling windows, which saturate each room with natural light and frame one-of-a-kind vistas of the Melbourne cityscape, and are complimented with sweeping pencil pleat curtains—sheer fabrics for the living area, blockout for the bedrooms.

Southbank Apartment PRINT 01

A sofa and Eames-style chairs for comfortable viewing of the Melbourne CBD skyline.

Of course, there are plenty of moments where JWA’s award-winning ambition are plainly evident. Oversized columns throughout the living area, now artfully adorned in sheer fabric, required a collaboration between the Collingwood designers and Lovelight.

The result was a custom circular design which gracefully weaved our alabaster pencil pleat curtains around the columns to trace the perimeter of the room, effectively taking an open space and transforming it into a closed shelter.

When it came to furnishings and colour motifs, JWA juxtaposed the marble-like greys and whites of custom timber linings with unique pops of colour, including retro-style wallpaper in the nursery and swathes of red and blood orange in the study area.

The same was done in a partitioned nook of the living room, where JWA cleverly arranged a sofa and Eames-style chairs not around a television, but a sweeping view of the Melbourne skyline. What better way to compliment such a unique and breathtaking space?

Southbank Apartment PRINT 03

Southbank Apartment PRINT 05

Custom timber lining combines with swirling alabaster pencil pleat curtains.

Southbank Apartment PRINT 055

Southbank Apartment PRINT 08

JWA weaved subtle pops of colour throughout each space, like the retro-style wallpaper in the nursery.

Southbank Apartment PRINT 11

Southbank Apartment PRINT 13

The luxurious timber lining follows you every where you go, even out onto the balcony.

Southbank Apartment PRINT 16

Floor-to-ceiling windows flood each room with natural light.

Southbank Apartment PRINT 19

Sprawling Melbourne vistas in every window.

Southbank Apartment PRINT 20

Waking up with the sun beaming between Lovelight blockout curtains.

Southbank Apartmentr PRINT 09

Studying has never been so stylish.
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