Think blinds, think Klein

Ben Klein, otherwise known as ThinkBlindsThinkKlein, joined the Lovelight team in July of 2015 in the role of General Manager of NSW. He has relocated to Sydney to establish and expand Lovelight's presence is Australia's largest state. His broad network and relationship skills make him a valuable addition to the Lovelight family.

With years of sales and marketing experience behind him (though he still thinks he's 21!), Ben brings a unique and exuberant approach to the window furnishing's industry. Having previously lived in Bondi when working in the Finance industry, this former Wolf of Hall St. now uses his expansive network and local knowledge to continue to develop Lovelight's national footprint in what is an extremely exciting and vibrant market.

Always the class clown with a library of bad Dad jokes that only he finds funny, Ben will bring laughter to any room – usually just his own. Ben is an avid schmoozer, so please feel free to hit him up for a chat, a drink or more importantly to help you with your entire window furnishing needs.


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