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One of the things we pride ourselves on at Lovelight is delivering great customer service for our clients. It has been a pillar with which we’ve staked our reputation on and having done it over many years we have had the benefit of having a large volume of repeat customers across the broad spectrum of projects. 

This month’s feature project in Toorak is one such project from a customer who was so impressed with their first project we collaborated on for their family Farm House that she chose to come back and for us to work together again for their home in the city. 

Toorak Verdant 4 WEB 0200

Despite coming into the project relatively late into the renovation project the whole process of selecting products was seamless as strong communication between our design consultants created a great rapport between us and the client.

Over the course of several site visits and meetings in our design studio we were able to find the right colours that would work with the all areas of the house including matching the unique pink interior tiling for the bathrooms.

Toorak Verdant 4 WEB 007

Among the choices made were to replicate one of the client’s favourite fabrics from the curtains they had installed in the Farmhouse - In Haven Blockout Curtains from Warwick Fabrics.

Toorak Verdant 4 WEB 0175

The Haven fabric colours would provide two different functions aesthetically to fit with the distinct and unique styling of the client. The Asphalt Linen colour curtains would function as a statement piece in various rooms whereas a muted Natural Linen colour was chosen in other rooms to allow other pieces in the home to take centre stage. The Triple Pinch Pleat Curtain on Black Vanda Rod with Rings added some strength and frame the window furnishings.

Toorak Verdant 4 WEB 0076

The other type of window furnishing chosen was a classic Timber Shutter in the Silk White colour which added another dimension to the living spaces. In particular the transition between indoor and outdoor areas overlooking the pool shutters added a layer of privacy without sacrificing light or airflow. Whilst the contrasting white and black interior and exterior shutters for the upstairs windows adds a feeling of space between upstairs and downstairs and a layer of depth and class to the home’s overall aspect.

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