Vintage and Contemporary

Occasionally you walk into a home that leaves you breathless with wonder, trying to gather how such balance and beauty was achieved. One such project for us was from SJB Interiors in Melbourne where Andrew Parr was able to successfully marry the vintage restoration of a home with contemporary renovation and extension.

“The essence of this project is about contrast” according to Andrew. The brief from the client included restoring the historic listed house built in 1869 and its adjoining old villa as well as building a new kitchen, family area as well as two new bedrooms to the main house.

What was important in the project was creating a synergy between the “vintage character plus a really contemporary light filled space” for easy living. This meant particular emphasis and thought went into light and shadow in the home, maximising viewing corridors and maintaining light at various parts of the house, including a magnificent glass ceiling introductions in the main stairwell.

East Melbourne Gipps 104 PRINT 01 copy

The confidence Andrew has is palpable and in particular he is certain of how to get started with the window furnishings concluding that you “start off with idea of what should the curtaining be, then you conclude it later with fabrics and colours and how much of a statement they are going to be.”

And the results speak for themselves.

East Melbourne Gipps 104 PRINT 02 copy

The solutions that were chosen were the Froth coloured Baltic Translucent & Vivid Quay Blockout Roller Blinds which were motorised by Somfy motors. The curtaining were pencil pleat Unique Sabi materials with striking Black Phoenixwood shutters in the bathrooms.

Having had the chance to work with Lovelight on a number of projects now Andrew says that that the process was “effortless” and “pricing quality and service was pretty spotless” and they “understand what we’re trying to deliver”.

East Melbourne Gipps 104 PRINT 08 copy

He was also pleased with the quality and service. In Andrews words the “most important thing that you can say to another designer or architect, [is] that they understand the contemporary window furnishings”.

East Melbourne Gipps 104 PRINT 10 copy

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