Double Pinch Pleat Curtain –  traditional elegance.

Blinds and shutters both have their place at the window, but nothing beats the allure of a light, sheer, billowy curtain or even heavy, lush blockout curtains. Curtains not only control the amount of natural light entering a room, but are essential in completing any room and in creating the perfect style and mood. This mood achieved through a combination of design flourishes, from fabric choice to the pattern. One of the most significant, though less talked about decisions, is the type of curtain heading that's selected.

Curtain headings affect the overall look and function of a curtain. Its form and the way it falls, as well as its fixing position and tracking mechanism are all dependant on the heading type you choose. Lovelight offers a wide range of curtain headings that will suit any design.

From minimalist heading types like Pencil Pleat, Knife Pleat, Eyelet and S-Fold; to more traditional heading types such as Pinch Pleat and Inverted Pleat; a wide variety of styles can be achieved.

The curtain heading types offered by Lovelight.

Pencil Pleats are one of the most versatile curtain headings, as they can be used with sheer and blockout fabrics and on a variety of curtain tracks and rods. With their tidy and consistent folds, Pencil Pleat curtains create a casual look, ideal for living areas or cosy bedrooms. Also neat and simple, Knife Pleats are a wonderful alternative to a Pencil Pleat and look exceptional in sheer fabrics.

To attain a more contemporary look, Eyelet curtains can be used to add an almost industrial feel with large, even and naturally soft folds. However, if a space requires the utmost contemporaneity, S-Fold headings are a must. S-Fold curtains are hung on an S-Fold track, allowing the curtain to hang on a smooth, simple and elegant continuous wave.

For more traditional spaces, Pinch Pleats are a great choice, with single, double or triple Pinch Pleat options. With deeper pleats, Pinch Pleat curtains are fuller, more formal and are perfect for creating a classic, elegant feel. Inverted Pleats (also known as Box Pleats) are another alternative for creating a more traditional, structured yet simple style.

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Pencil Pleat Curtain – beautifully unstructured and casual.

S-Fold Curtain – the utmost contemporary style.

Eyelet Curtain – a touch of industrial.

 Inverted Pleat Curtain – structured sophistication.

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Tuesday 19th December 2017, at 3:18am