A sophisticated interior calls for a sophisticated response. Partnering with esteemed Melbourne interior architects SJB (http://www.sjb.com.au), we knew precisely what this elegant Hawthorn residence called for. Located in one of Melbourne’s most upscale quarters, SJB wove tasteful touches of wood, marble, and chalky tones throughout the home’s interior.

The home balances a number of stark contrasts. Inside the luxurious bathroom, a mix of warm, natural timber cuts through the dreamy white and grey of floor-to-ceiling marble. Lovelight Venetian blinds add a touch of privacy.

The ultimate relaxation space.

Venetian blinds add a touch of privacy.

Stepping into the living and dining areas, motorised roller blinds allow the owners to easily bring light into the home. This means owners and guests alike can easily change the mood of the space by adjusting light to match the bold décor.

Roller blinds allow light to be changed to suit décor.

Even the bedrooms clash with one another: one taking on a subtle playfulness, the other a more mature tone.

Inside one, mesmerizing swathes of pencil pleat curtains in a circle pattern furnish the floor-to-ceiling windows. In the other, a mix of parchment fabric and other textures demonstrate the sophisticated interplay between social and private comfort in this Hawthorn home.

Autumn tones and a mix of textures.

Roman blinds add class and sophistication / Circle patterns for a playful touch.


Your best friend can comfortably enjoy time in the sun.

Meanwhile, the study area revels in subdued retro style. Chalky autumn tones, vintage-style furniture, and a sunny day instantly evokes images of old Hollywood Los Angeles and prove a testament to SJB’s mastery of interior sophistication.


Wood panelling adds a rustic touch to the quiet study.

To see how Lovelight can bring a sophisticated touch to your next project, head over to our gallery, or get in touch with us to learn more about our made-to-measure solutions.


Stripped-back roller blinds for the gym room.


Photography: Nicole England (http://www.nicoleengland.com)

Thank you to the home owner for having us in your home for this photo shoot.

Published On
Saturday 26th May 2018, at 9:59pm