Developing Relationships

“A Relationship Manager is exactly what it sounds like - I love being someone’s go-to, being relied on, having a laugh and getting sh!t done.” - Brooke Mcalpine, Relationship Manager, Lovelight

Over the last few years Lovelight has seen major growth in our New South Wales operations. This growth is in no small part due to getting such a great team on board to meet and manage clients all over the state. One of these rising super stars is Brooke Mcalpine our Sydney team’s Relationship Manager. This month we chatted to Brooke about her background, her role at Lovelight and the developments she is currently managing.

Brooke came to to Lovelight with a proven track record in commercial furniture sales, “I was looking for a change, a fresh industry, and when I stumbled across Lovelight my first thought was ‘wow, where has this company been all my life?!’” Brooke took to her new role as a Relationship Manager like a duck to water. We think the reason she has had so much success, with her sales strategies, comes down to the way she treats her clients, “over the years I have honed in on what I enjoy most about the sales process and hands down it is the relationships you can build. I love looking after my clients like they are personal friends. We talk shop, exchange ideas and work together to make the process smooth and keep communications open.”

It’s this attitude that has helped win some of our most exciting NSW developments, like Eastend in Newcastle, “this was one where we worked particularly closely with our client Emily and her team at Platform Settlements. We spent multiple weekends meeting the development’s buyers, talking about their new homes and investments. Seeing these people getting excited about living in their homes, was a great buzz for us.”

Eastend is just one of the projects where Brooke and her team have worked with the builder pre-settlement to get the building’s windows bulk measured so that they can do a mass installation prior to settlement- otherwise known as our Smart Window Program. Brooke told us that she believes the success of this development offering lies in its simplicity, “it’s an easy sell, no wonder 80% of buyers take up this offer there and then. I mean, who wouldn’t want blinds already up before they move in?”

Brooke has multiple exciting projects that are currently on the go and she gave us a glimpse into some of them like the Harrington Residences in the Rocks Sydney, “an exquisite piece of architecture right in the Harbour.” As well as Blue at Lavender Bay, with its “absolutely amazing views, from beautiful apartments.  We won the tender for all the motorised curtains and are also running our Smart Window Program. This is one that I just can’t wait to see installed, dressed up and ready for handover.” 

Talking about dressing up these homes led us to a discussion of how Brooke plans to dress her next home, “I am looking to buy next year. I already know that if I build or renovate I would go for a block out blinds and sheer curtain mix. I love the softness and pure beauty of an S-fold floor to ceiling curtain, in something soft and magical. And, nothing beats a nice crisp block-out blind for sleeping and extra privacy. Before Lovelight I would have been one of those people that also thought about window furnishings last but through this job I have seen first hand how much better the results are when you think of window furnishings early in the design process.”

Throughout our interview Brooke kept reiterating the kind of thinking that makes her so successful in this business, “I am 100% focused on client satisfaction. I look forward to building my relationships with new clients and returning clients.” When asked if this has always been her sales attitude she told us that it was actually, “an ethos she had been searching for, for as long as I can remember. Lovelight works really hard for their clients, which for me has actually been a breath of fresh air. We get sh!t done and our position in the market represents that.”

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