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“My favourite projects are always the ones where our clients  trust us enough to give us 100% creative freedom - this is when things flow seamlessly and the most exciting outcome is achieved!” - Nicole Rosenberg founder of Liberty Interiors

Just writing this month’s blog brought out a childlike joy in us so we hope you will feel the same as we delve into the story of Liberty interiors - an interior design business that began by specialising in spaces for children but has expanded into a business that brings joy to spaces for humans big and small.

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The business was founded by Nicole Rosenberg 14 year ago in a very organic fashion, “when I had my first child I became obsessed with decorating her room and really ended up enjoying the entire process. Family and friends then asked if I could do the same for their spaces and that’s how my business started!” From bringing colour and joy to kids spaces Liberty interiors soon began to be asked to step outside the children's design space in order to apply her keen eye and clever design ideas to entire homes, commercial spaces and everything else in between.

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Not long after her business began, Nicole started collaborating with Lovelight to incorporate high quality, customised window furnishings into her designs. We asked her  what she believes are the key considerations when choosing window furnishings for children’s rooms? She told us that, “every client is different in this respect. Some children don’t mind light in the morning and are just happy with lighter window furnishings and some children require full block out. Where possible I always like to do a full block out roller and then if required for privacy during the day a semi sheer curtain. I always look for a way that ideally the rollers can be attached where it is not visible. I also use roman blinds quite a bit if the window suits that type of treatment - for example in an older style window of a renovated home.”

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When we asked about her experience working with Lovelight on these products her answer was both enthusiastic and practical, “I love the service that Lovelight provides. I also love having one contact person - Kim -  who comes out to all jobs with me. We are a real team when we go out on site and both give our professional opinions… mine from an aesthetics perspective and Kim’s from a practical and mechanical perspective! I also really appreciate the after sales services which Lovelight offers -  always being willing to come out onsite and fix any problems my clients encounter with their window furnishings.”

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Nicole revealed that right now she is actually busy with some of her all time favourite projects, “I’m working on two amazing houses that we are just about to completed and also a palm springs, mid-century inspired apartment which, due to it not being our clients prime residence, gave us the flexibility to really go to town on colour and creativity!” We can’t wait to see the photos of these spaces along with some of the other exciting projects that Nicole hinted at in our interview “I’m doing lots of fun collaborations with different companies such as Bunnings, Kmart and LG. I can’t wait to reveal these fresh spaces to the instagram world!”

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While we had her on the line we couldn’t resist asking what she sees as the key emerging trends to watch out for in children’s rooms and interior design in general. She told us that, “boucle is so big at the moment as well as neutrals in general. I think the Parisian apartment look is going to be very big this season with lots of wainscotting detailing on walls and irregular shaped anything! Ball cushions are a massive hit for kids bedrooms and also adult zones. I also think the days of boring grey and pink are OVER as people are slowly turning towards warmer, rather than cool, tones!”

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And there you have it. We know we’ll be keenly monitoring Liberty interior’s website and their instagram @liberty.interiors for images of our current collaborations as well as all the joyful spaces that her team has become synonymous with creating.

Images: Rochelle Eagle 

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