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You have to really love it! We like to build easy and genuine relationships (with clients) – we are very hands on - the fun, friendly supplier, always on hand for advice and support.”

For Lovelight Account Manager, Chloe Tyas, every piece of work she does is its own passion project. A rich design background and deep passion for the craft sees her thrive, and each project she touches is better for it.

As an account manager, Chloe is in the business of making lives easier - working with our volume builders and their affiliated interior designers, Chloe knows our product range inside out, and collaborates with our partners so that they can represent Lovelight with the same passion and product knowledge our own team share.

There’s a real wealth of design knowledge and talent in the Australian industry at the moment, and working with leading designers to share knowledge and inspiration is a rewarding part of the role for Chloe. These effective working relationships are a real two-way street as we partner to ensure  Lovelight products are able to add value and beauty to domestic and commercial spaces across the country.

As complex and customisable as they are beautiful, Lovelight products add instant impact to any project, but Chloe acknowledges that integrating them into a design could feel to the unfamiliar eye like a challenging task. Working with any product with a 'custom' element can instantly stray towards the realms of the too complex, too difficult, too overwhelming, but that's where Chloe comes in. “There's a lot of belief that it's an overwhelming product to integrate into a design. Our support can be the difference between (a designer) embracing and loving the Lovelight product, and someone being perhaps too overwhelmed by the scale of the task to go with our custom offerings.”

With Chloe’s support, builders and designers soon learn that working with Lovelight couldn’t be easier, as she not only works with them on styling and selling our products, but also trains and assists our partners to use our purpose built online systems that provide a smart and effective way to manage orders, accounts, and all the administrative aspects of a Lovelight project.

As a qualified interior decorator, Chloe didn’t always envision herself working supplier-side, but through a rich background in the volume building industry, and working in colour rooms, her exposure to suppliers and the work that they do convinced her to explore a new path. “I can’t explain how seamless it’s been”, says Chloe; in just over two years with Lovelight, she has worked in our design and sales teams, before applying her natural flair for relationship management and moving into her current role.

Spend five minutes with Chloe, and her natural passion for design, and bringing beautiful, quality products harmoniously together will shine through. Our team share this passion and deep product knowledge, which is paramount to their success as they help to champion Lovelight products in the market. “Having the experience my background has given me really helps in working with designers,” she says. “You have to be so passionate and truly love communicating your ideas with others, because that’s what helps them to really get it, get inspired, and share your passion for the product and the project”.

But when it comes to highlights, there’s one that sits above all else for Chloe; “it’s really all about the people”. The Account Manager role is truly one that begins and ends with the relationships one forms, and Chloe has mastered the art. “The people you meet and communicate with every day, become really genuine, friendly relationships….walking in to a partner builder or designer’s office can be just as comfortable as walking in to our own.” Chloe takes great pride in sparking in others a love and understanding for the products, and their potential to really lift a space. “Seeing (designers) come a long way in their understanding, and adding real value to a project – it’s the most wonderful feeling”.

Through our Volume Builder and Partnership Programs, Lovelight proudly partners with leading developers, architects, designers and volume contractors across Australia, where we work closely together to integrate the Lovelight product range into beautiful Australian spaces.

When embarking on a project with Lovelight, you’ll have the full support of a dedicated and knowledgeable Account Manager, always at hand for assistance in managing your project, and training in selling and styling our products. Find more information on our partner services and volume campaigns here

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