At Lovelight, one of the key reasons we love creating custom designed solutions, is the opportunity it

gives us to help tackle a unique challenge. Whether we’re working on a new residence, or commercial property, the family or business who ultimately occupy it will have their own defined goals for their space and how it should accommodate their lifestyle.

Standout projects for us are those where we’ve contributed interesting, bespoke solutions that resolve these challenges and help bring client dreams into a real, liveable reality.

This was particularly true for our recent “Moorhouse” project, where we worked with proud Lovelight partners Inarc Architects to create a uniquely contemporary family residence in one of Melbourne’s most popular inner suburbs.

At Moorhouse, from the outset the challenge was clear, and all-too familiar for urban-dwelling families of 2017: to balance proximity to the city with sufficient space to accommodate a large or growing family. The decision to build promised this family a tailored solution the Armadale market didn’t offer, and the Inarc team were up to the challenge – setting out to construct a spacious family home on a modest- sized section just 20 minutes from the central business district.

Moorhouse 0469

A highly contemporary façade, right at home in Melbourne’s inner suburbs.

The result, configured over three levels, offers all the spatial benefits of a detached house with the freedom to accommodate and entertain not offered by inner city townhouses. Highly contemporary in design, it has a feeling of real quality, whilst fitting comfortably into its suburban backdrop. 

The house is designed around a tightly-planned central courtyard, includes heavy use of floor to ceiling windows, allowing natural light to be a key player in the space-creating effort. The home has all the ambitious architectural efforts Inarc are known for, incorporating vaulted and ceilings and roof-forms that accentuate the internal spaces and leave rooms feeling anything but confined.

As much a part of the home’s striking visual style as they are practical element, the sizeable windows of course created a need for carefully considered window furnishing solutions so that privacy and climate control could be ensured, whilst still allowing natural light to play its role.

Moorhouse 0430

The central courtyard offers a space to relax and entertain for home’s family-oriented residents.

Through consistent use of venetian blinds [link:] on all external windows, our tailored solution looks as much a natural element of this property’s design as its very walls. We embraced Inarc’s heavy use of linear patterns - where the horizontal lines created by our slats add bold visual impact to the home’s exterior, and look right at home alongside the rectilinear pattern of the mix of timber and brickwork.

We integrated automation into all products on this project, with a real emphasis on improving ease of use for its busy residents. Intelligent motorisation technology incorporates weather sensors to protect the window furnishings from Melbourne’s harsher elements, and allows for timed and accurate remote control of our products – particularly helpful for operation of these large external installations. If you are interested in automation for your window furnishings, our expert consultants will assist, tailoring a solution for your requirements.

Moorhouse 0257

Lovelight external Venetian Blinds, automated for ultimate ease and efficiency.

Moorhouse 0289

Soft, natural colour palettes and minimalist styling provide a calm, spacious feel to the interior.


To see how Lovelight window furnishings can make an impact on your space, visit our gallery, or get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you tackle exciting challenges on your next project.

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