Potts Point Haven

When you live in one of Sydney’s most sought-after locations, it’s easy to feel like the eyes of the city are all squared on you.

That’s precisely why this Potts Point apartment is such a marvel. Located on one of the most popular streets of the famously upmarket Potts Point, the space combines modern, industrial-style interior design with an icy colour palette to create a haven far from the maddening crowds.

This luxurious and elegant sanctuary is nested inside a Tonkin Zulaikha Greer designed building, with endlessly breathtaking vistas framed in every window.

But the real charm of the space lies in the way it seamlessly transforms from a public-facing entertainer’s dream, with its indoor/outdoor alfresco lounge area, into a quiet respite from the rest of the world.

Central to this transformation are Lovelight window furnishings, including the home’s impressive motorised external awning in Everscreen External Fabric. The awning not only controls the light and privacy of the area, it adds a green touch to the home by increasing energy efficiency.

The project also proved an intriguing and exciting challenge. A considerable drop of 5.5m from ceiling to floor meant the awning required the use of scaffolding for installation.

The living space and bedrooms feature roller blinds in Zen Blockout – Oxide fabric and Neotec Sunscreen – Soot fabric, which add functional style to each room.

The result is an apartment that can be seamlessly converted into a public or private space, a bustling hive or a quiet retreat, at the touch of a button.

To see how Lovelight window furnishings can transform your home into your own personal haven, head over to our Gallery, or get in touch with us to learn more about our made-to-measure solutions.

lovelight pottspoint potts point haven 2293

Double height ceilings in the central living area awash with light from the floor-to-ceiling windows.

lovelight pottspoint potts point haven 2348

Part of the magic of the space is the seamless transition from outdoor, to indoor spaces – an element beloved by architects and homeowners alike.

lovelight pottspoint potts point haven 2407

Lovelight’s roller blinds blend beautifully with the home’s subtle, modern colour palette.

lovelight pottspoint potts point haven 2442

The home’s upstairs mezzanine features several balconies for enjoying company or sitting and looking down at the Potts Point streetscape.

lovelight pottspoint potts point haven 2457

A closer view of the way Lovelight’s Zen Blockout Fabric offers privacy whilst blending seamlessly with the mood and colours of the room.

lovelight pottspoint potts point haven 2493

Roller blinds with Neotec Sunscreen Fabric in Soot colour add an element of contrast to one of the bedrooms.

lovelight pottspoint potts point haven 2517

The sprawling living area sits below a grand mezzanine, placing homeowners right in the lap of grandeur and luxury.
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