Every Lovelight project is about creating a highly functional, bespoke solution that will work best for our customer and see them maximise the enjoyment and liveability of their space.

As we embark on a new project, we look to create the most liveable solution for the end user. Through this process, while we of course place a heavy emphasis on beautifying a space, function too, has a large role to play. We want our products to be as easy to operate as possible at any time of the day, which is why we provide top of the range automation solutions that allow you to control the light entering your home or office with the flick of a switch.  


With automation, light and climate control is in the palm of your hand.

Motorisation Options

By engaging highly advanced technology, we are able offer virtually limitless possibilities for automationof your window furnishings. The variety of system functions for motorisation of both internal and external products allow our expert consultantsto tailor a solution to your unique requirements.

The earliest decision to be made is whether to opt for a switch motor system or remote-controlled solution. While switch based systems (motors controlled via wall-mounted switches) can be a good option for large scale buildings and commercial spaces where fixed control systems are the norm, the great majority of projects nowadays favour the remote solution. This gives the user ultimate ease of control from anywhere in your home or office via remote access. Many remote systems now also allow for app integration – making climate, light and privacy control accessible at push of a button, right there on your mobile.

Remote systems open you up to world of options in automation features. From simple groupings – coordinating groups of blinds to be controlled together, to automations based on times of day, and changes in climate, technology allows you to integrate automation into your home that is effectively as advanced as you desire.

External Automation

Outdoors, we take things a step further. Any automation we integrate into our external products will feature intelligent wind sensors. This technology measures wind speed, and ensures your blinds are automated to retract when the wind picks up. Beyond this, we can also incorporate rain or solar sensors into your automation. Automating your external furnishings can be a huge advantage, both in protecting your blinds from the elements, and in aiding in climate control of your home or office.


Motorisation provides ease and total control over this large external venetian fit-out.

Choosing the Right Technology

At Lovelight, we work primarily with Somfy, world leaders and pioneers in automation technology to deliver your bespoke solutions. As it is our priority to create a liveable, luxurious environment for end users, we don’t believe in compromising on quality, so wish to work with technology that’s befitting to our own quality products. Through Somfy, we provide you with automation systems that are easy-to-use, quiet, and will have greater longevity than more simplistic, low-budget alternatives.

Lovelight Automation

Automated roller blinds in this residential living room space.

A key consideration will be the stage you are at in your project. When fitting products to pre-built spaces we can retrofit automation via Q-Motion battery motors. For new projects, we like to fit cable systems at the point of build. You don’t have to be an interior designer to appreciate the importance of avoiding eyesores caused by exposed cables, so we work closely with architects and builders on your project to ensure systems are fitted with accuracy and precision, for minimum visibility. This is a key advantage of working with Lovelight to automate our products – we always aim to have line of sight over the full project, so that your products not only function perfectly, but your finished, furnished space is as beautiful as possible.

To discuss options for incorporating automation into your next project or existing window furnishings get in touch with the Lovelight team today.

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