Ruffey Lake House exterior. The original double brickwork has been retained, but updated with new charcoal cladding and trims.

A true 1970s brick exterior belies the contemporary and understated interiors of this Doncaster family home.

Once a dark and divided space, In Between Architecture set about transforming it into a warm, inviting and light-filled home. Already blessed with stunning views to Ruffey Lake Park and a north-facing aspect, the task was an easy one.

A rework of the upper level and the addition of a large, north-facing terrace ensured the kitchen, living and dining areas blended seamlessly into one another, and brought breathtaking views to more corners of the home. 

But like any well-designed family home, the architects also realised the importance of privacy, and introduced three private escapes – a library, music room and TV den – all nestled into the western side of the ground floor.

Light became a key feature of the home with the introduction of skylights and ceiling voids, while simple window details, coupled with Lovelight’s motorised and manual roller blinds, allowed for easy control of sunlight and mood.  

Hit-and-miss brickwork was added to parts of the solid brick exterior, softening the distinction between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Interior styling from Curious Grace is simple and uncluttered, allowing the greenery from Ruffey Lake Park and the interior’s smooth timber cladding to shine.

Photography by Tatjana Plitt captures this home during its finest moments – when sunlight is pouring in through strategically placed voids and generous windows.

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The living area, which leads into the dining and kitchen area, opens out onto the north-facing terrace with views to Ruffey Lake Park.

Hit-and-miss brickwork was added to the existing solid structure to soften the space and let in more light.

The kitchen, dining and living areas blend into one wide open, light-filled space. The timber cladding dissects the floor plate and conceals the cloak room, bathroom and pantry.

Lovelight’s motorised and manual roller blinds were used throughout the home, complementing the simple, yet generous, windows.

The architects created a timber-clad ‘pod’ that runs through the east/west side of the home and conceals the cloak room, bathroom and pantry.

The central timber staircase, with custom-shelving on the left, and open on the right to let in light via a double-height void.

View of the double-height void from the staircase.

A sense of nostalgia is retained through the home with the introduction of subdued tiles.

The movie theatre, nestled into the western side of the home on the ground floor, makes for a cosy retreat.

Lovelight’s manual roller blinds were selected for the home’s bedrooms.

Lovelight’s manual roller blinds provide the perfect balance between light and privacy in the bathrooms and powder room.

Pared back interior styling allow the breathtaking views to Ruffey Lake Park take centre stage.

Published On
Saturday 26th May 2018, at 9:58pm