Light & Nature

Friday 5th May 2017, at 4:13pm

We helped turn a townhouse development into a work of art.

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Brotherly Love

Thursday 20th April 2017, at 7:35am

It's nothing but sibling love between Lovelight and longtime partner BQ Design.

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Interior Sophistication

Tuesday 4th April 2017, at 12:50pm

This sophisticated interior called for an equally sophisticated response.

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On Good Design

Thursday 23rd March 2017, at 3:11pm

We caught up with Melbourne based Workroom Design director John Bornas to talk design: inspiration, process, function and form.

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Potts Point Haven

Thursday 2nd March 2017, at 7:30am
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A Touch Of Light

Tuesday 21st February 2017, at 9:32am

We caught up with Geoff Challis, principal architect at Venn Architects, one of Melbourne’s most respected boutique residential architecture firms.

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Ruffey Lake House

Tuesday 7th February 2017, at 8:42am

Designed by In Between Architecture, the Ruffey Lake House project is elegant, understated, replete with natural light, and was a pleasure for Lovelight to work on.

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In Studio With Luciana

Saturday 21st January 2017, at 7:02am

As a leading creative at one of the world’s premier fabric and textile wholesalers, Warwick Fabrics' Luciana Corrales is intimately aware of how our interior space is directly influenced by our external lives.

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Awash With Light

Tuesday 3rd January 2017, at 9:00am

Untouched since the 70s, this Caulfield townhouse recently underwent a radical transformation to become two semi-detached homes awash with natural light, soft pastel tones and rich jewel accents.

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Green With Envy

Tuesday 13th December 2016, at 11:28am

Melbourne interior designers Flack Studio have made perfect use of luxurious Lovelight furnishings in their latest project, an intimate fashion retail studio on Driver Lane in Melbourne’s CBD.

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